Turn shoppers into loyal customers. By personalizing rewards and the way they interact with your business you can make your sales skyrocket.

FLYX is built for any retailer who wants to boost their sales by offering a full digital loyalty experience.

You already have a solution

Great! Use FLYX to step up your game even more and get ready to skyrocket your sales.

You start from scratch

Don't worry! Combine FLYX with the modules you need. We'll take care of it.

Mix and match our modules to create your own personalized digital loyalty solution.

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Mobile loyalty program

Make it easier for your customer to keep track of their collected points and to check their appealing rewards by digitalizing your loyalty card.

Mobile commerce

Give your customers the flexibility and the ease of use to check out your offers and to make orders smoothly, whenever and wherever they want.

Machine Learning

Offer a personalized experience to your customers by showing them content that was picked out specifically for them, based on their interests, needs and previous purchase behaviour.

Design UX/UI

Make it easy and pleasant to use for your customer by mapping their customer journey, ensuring a consistent design and facilitating an intuitive experience.

Back-end & CMS

Save time and administration by facilitating a smooth interaction with your existing eco-system. Get access to a great tool to manage your loyalty content.

Reporting Tool

The numbers tell the tale. Keep track of your results and improvements by consulting your custom dashboard and get insight on your customers habits.

Full Digital Loyalty Experience

Today is all about about customer satisfaction by offering a personal and consistent omnichannel experience. Step up your digital strategy with a mobile app and make it easier and even more convenient for your customers to browse through your products, make orders, follow up on their deliverystatus, collect loyaltypoints, get access to personalized content, promo's & rewards. All this at the fingertips of your customers, whenever and wherever they want, through your personal app and digital loyalty program.

Access your loyalty card easily, scan it at the shop and receive points instantly.

Redeem exclusive and personalised rewards thanks to your collected loyalty points.

We do not only talk about machine learning. We're integrating it.

Artificial intelligence is already reshaping the retail industry and it's time for you to embrace its benefits and stay competitive. Artificial intelligence enables retailers to understand customer's behaviour, anticipate their demands, propose personalised content and let their sales skyrocket. The future is now.

The machine will analyse your customers behaviour.

Feed the machine with all the available data and make it understand your customer's behaviour. It will help you to make product associations & suggestions based on many different variables.

The machine will optimize its approach towards your customers.

The machine will offer personalized content to your customers based on what it learned from the initial algorithm. By taking the reaction of the customers into account, it will continually improve the suggested content.

The machine will anticipate your customers' demand.

Once the machine has a good understanding of the user behaviour and the reaction to the given content, it will anticipate your customers needs and interests.

The machine will povide your customer with personalized content

Based on the customer’s profile, the machine makes personal suggestions (rewards, coupons, cross-sell products, advertising) and measures how well those suggestions are aligned with customer’s preferences.The machine has the capacity to re-adapt the content adequatly by taking the weather, the traffic or the hour of the days into account.

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